This page contains links to a selection of the most recent articles on herbs, herb growing and on the applications and uses of herbs:

General Articles on Herb Growing:

Herb Gardening for Beginners – Getting Started

Types of Herbs and their Uses

Creating a Herb Garden Plan

Growing Herbs from Seeds

Growing Herbs from Cuttings

How to Create a Container Herb Garden

Harvesting and Drying Your Herbs

Herb Gardening Kits

Creating an Italian Herb Garden

Articles on Growing Individual Herbs:

How to Grow Mint at Home

Growing Mint Indoors

Mint Rust – What it is and How to Deal With It

Growing Garlic at Home in Pots or Containers

Growing Basil from Seed at Home

Growing Rosemary from Cuttings

Why You Should Grow Borage

Grow Sweet Bay in Your Herb Garden

Growing Lavender in Your Herb Garden

Articles on the Uses of Herbs:

How to Make Essential Oils from Your Herbs

Herbal Treatments Using Essential Oils

Reference Articles on Herb Growing:

List of Herb Seeds for Your Herb Garden

Varieties of Garlic You Can Grow in Your Herb Garden

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