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Herb Gardening for Beginners and Experienced Gardeners

Thanks for making a visit to Herb Gardening Help.  My website has been set up to help herb gardening beginners as well as more experienced gardeners who have been successful with their herb gardens but now want to learn more about herb gardening and the uses of herbs.

I have been enthusiastic about herbs for many years – in cookery, in the treatment of medical conditions and for many other purposes within the home. I hope that by using this website you will become as enthusiastic about using herbs as I am.

herb gardeningThe articles on my website cover a wide range of topics on herbs and herb gardening.  My objective in writing the articles has been to provide sufficient practical information to help you get started on herb growing and related herb growing projects.  I haven’t aimed to include lots of detailed information.

If you want to learn more their are links to other herb gardening resources on the internet.

Also, if you want to extend your knowledge and increase your skills I have written a digital book “The Secrets of Successful Herb Gardening” to accompany my articles and provide a useful reference resource on areas such as:

  • Herb Varieties
  • Herb Garden Design
  • Herb Growing
  • Preserving Herbs
  • Using Herbs for Cooking
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Other Uses of Herbs.

My research on the growth, history and use of herbs is very much an ongoing project.  Make sure you bookmark my website and keep returning to read additional articles as they are published.  I promise that whatever your level of experience you’ll find these articles both interesting and useful.

Discover More about Herb Gardening – Free Training

If you are a herb gardening beginner, I recommend that you sign up for my email Minicourse on “Herb Gardening” and follow the instructions I provide in the Course as closely as possible.  Once you have had some initial success growing herbs at home, you’ll be able to cope with the occasional failures that will inevitably occur from time to time (even experienced herb growers have herbs that die because of diseases and herb seeds that don’t germinate).

Please e-mail me if you have any suggestions or particular requests.  Your feedback is vital to making www.Herb-Gardening-Help.com a success.

Happy herb gardening,

Best Regards,

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